Mining heavy duty air-hydraulic jack

Mammut Air / Hydraulic heavy vehicle jacks are engineered and manufactured to offer all customers a
lifting solution that is reliable, safe and easy to use.
– Lightweight, quiet, compact and easy to manoeuvre.
– Optional remote control available for extra safety.
– Folding handle.
– Wide range of models and capacities from 60 t to 150 t.
– Designed for tough Australian conditions.
– Pneumatic tires for easy manoeuvrability.
– Internal check valves to prevent unintentional decent.

Download M60/22 Datasheet


Technical Data

Capacity: 60/30 t   /   66.1/33.1 ton
Net weight: 93 Kg   /   205 lb
Working air pressure: 10-12 bar   /   145-174 psi
Air consumption: 600 nl/min
Max stroke: 226 mm / 8.8 in
Min. height: 222 mm / 8.7 in
Number of pistons: 2
Pistons stroke: 109 – 117 mm / 4.3 – 4.6 in


Jack Applications

Mechanical shovels
Special Vehicles
Machine Tools
Lorry Mounted Cranes


Compatible accessories

M4096 Remote Control
M4933 Extension Holder R
M4934 Extension Holder L
M4937 Extension 150 mm
M4938 Extension 250 mm
M4939 Extension 300 mm
A04492 Tilt Saddle


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